Artist’s CV

I started drawing and painting at about five years old. My first experience of an art gallery was at the age of seven when I was taken to the National Gallery. The visit left an indelible memory for me both of the vast medieval and figurative landscapes and the sweet smell of oil paint, because after leaving the gallery I was taken by my father to buy my first set of oil paints.

There followed numerous attempts to replicate the richness and mystique of the 17th century imagery.

At thirteen I went to Harrow Art School and then the Central School of Art. During this destabilizing period of coming of age, was the additional black cloud of a possible nuclear war hovering over the world. This feeling of insecurity and uncertainty, influenced the subjects I painted and more so now I can read the narrative of the images.

After art school I was compelled β€œto get a proper job” by my parents in order to help with the family funds.

In addition to painting all my life I have worked with several large advertising agencies until 1973 which was, I felt allied to painting in terms of creativity and conceptual thinking. I have worked as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator for a variety of major clients including: The Post Office, the Arts Council, Harrods, Liberty, London Transport, Royal Opera House, National Theatre, Royal Ballet, Smith New Court, Merrill Lynch and Harpers & Queen.

I left to freelance which enabled me to expand the variety and choice of clients I worked for and also to give me more time to paint.

My choice of subjects generally being metaphorical images of the vulnerability of the environment and social behavioural imbalance, particularly more satirical in etchings, influenced by Hogarth, Gillray, and Georg Grosz.

There is I believe a compatibility in thought, if not in image between my etching, drawing and painting.

Most of my work is figurative and in particular the depiction of human flesh, using the body to give vulnerability and frailty of the exposure of unprotected flesh and the confidence and vanity in nakedness as a visual metaphor for emotional and environmental issues, exploring concepts relating to the subjects sensitivity, vulnerability, yet confident nakedness.

I am also investigating ideas relating to the metamorphosis of inanimate objects into flesh and blood, using colour, texture and the spatial relationship of elements within the composition, mortalising rather than immortalising, infusing life into solid matter, thereby transforming it into something fragile and ephemeral.

In some pieces I am adding an accompanying text or typographically and visual addition.

Thumb Gallery London
Fitzroy Gallery London
Anthony Sedgewick Gallery
Gallery 108 London
Trade winds gallery Rye
Collyer Btistow gallery London
Manchester Fine Art Fair
The Arts Council
Morley Gallery, Internations Small Print Biennialy
SOAS Brunei Galley β€œ After Hiroshima β€œ

Solo Shows:
Putney School of Art London
Gallery 33 Borough London
Green Space Gallery London
Pec Ex Gallery London
Lloyds gallery Lloyds Building London

I have paintings in private collections in UK, USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia together with numerous portrait commissions.